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Teach Earth

24 May 2023

University Geoscience UK (UGUK) is pleased to announce the launch of a new teaching research portal, developed as part of the Geological Society–UGUK Joint Strategy on recruitment of students onto geoscience courses in the UK. 

The Teach Earth portal aims to help non-geoscience teachers deliver the geoscience content contained in the many STEM subjects taken at both GCSE and A-Level. This resource-intensive project involved mapping geoscience content contained in the curricula of GCSE and A-Level STEM subjects, as well as the development of a platform where teaching materials can be uploaded and related to a particular subject and section of a STEM GCSE or A-Level. 

We hope that the Teach Earth portal will become the go-to resource for STEM teachers once it has been populated with excellent “geoscience signposted” teaching materials contributed by our UGUK member universities. 

Anyone with appropriate resources is encouraged to submit them to this free, open-access portal using the submission form.
Nick Koor, UGUK Chair

Visit: www.earth-science.org.uk/teach-earth.

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