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Books currently available for review by Fellows

Contact geoscientist@ geolsoc.org.uk for information

  • Geomagnetic Field Variations in the Past: New Data, Applications and Recent Advances, by E. Tema et al. (Eds., 2020), Geological Society of London SP497, 234 pp. (hbk)
  • The Mantle of the Earth: Genealogies of a Geographical Metaphor, by Veronica Della Dora (2021), University of Chicago Press, 416 pp. (digital copy)
  • Integrated Fault Sea Analysis: An Introduction, by S. Ogilvie et al. (Eds., 2020), Geological Society of London SP296, 288 pp. (hbk)
  • Paleozoic Plays of NW Europe, by A.A. Monaghan et al. (Eds., 2019), Geological Society of London SP 471, 398 pp. (hbk)
  • Development of Volcanic Gas Reservoirs: The Theory, Key Technologies and Practice of Hydrocarbon Development, by Qiquan Ran et al. (2018) Elsevier (Petroleum Industry Press, Gulf Professional Publishing), 1066 pp. (pbk)

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