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Books currently available for review by Fellows

Contact geoscientist@geolsoc.org.uk for information

  • Tectonic Archaeology: Subduction Zone Geology in Japan and its Archaeological Implications, by G.L. Barnes (2022), Archaeopress Publishing Ltd, 554 pp. (ebook)
  • The Carboniferous Timescale, by S.G. Lucas et al. (Eds., 2022), Geological Society of London SP512, 1016 pp. (hbk)
  • Essex Rock, by Ian Mercer and Ross Mercer (2022), Pelagic Publishing, 416 pp. (pbk or ebook)
  • Sustainable Utilization of Carbon Dioxide in Waste Management, by A.-M. Mohamed et al. (2022), Elsevier, 606 pp. (ebook)
  • Large Igneous Provinces and their Plumbing Systems, by R.K. Srivastava et al. (Eds., 2022), Geological Society of London SP518, 600 pp. (hbk)
  • Stable Isotope Studies of the Water Cycle and Terrestrial Environments, by A.-V. Bojar et al. (Eds., 2021), Geological Society of London SP507, 351 pp. (hbk)
  • The Isle of Wight: Landscape and Geology, by John Downes (2021), The Crowood Press, 112 pp. (ebook)
  • Applied Multidimensional Geological Modeling: Informing Sustainable Human Interactions with the Shallow Subsurface, by Alan Keith Turner et al. (Eds., 2021), Wiley and Sons Ltd, 672 pp. (hbk)
  • Archean Granitoids of India: Windows into Early Earth Tectonics, by S. Dey and J.-F. Moyen (Eds., 2020), Geological Society of London SP489, 320 pp. (hbk)
  • Integrated Fault Seal Analysis, by S. Ogilvie et al. (Eds., 2020), Geological Society of London SP496, 288 pp. (hbk)
  • Geomagnetic Field Variations in the Past: New Data, Applications and Recent Advances, by E. Tema et al. (Eds., 2020), Geological Society of London SP497, 234 pp. (hbk)

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