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Serving on council

Council is composed of 23 members who serve as the Society’s trustees

4 September 2023
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Our trustees have collective responsibility for overseeing the Society’s purpose, values, vision, and strategy. They take the big strategic decisions and make sure we are carrying out the Society’s purposes for the public benefit, acting in the charity’s best interests, managing our resources responsibly, being accountable, and acting in accordance with the rules.

Council meets five times a year, usually on a Wednesday afternoon between 14:00 and 17:00. Most meetings are virtual and some are hybrid. In addition, there is a one-day strategy meeting, usually held in late September. Council members also serve on one Standing Committee (External Relations, Finance & Planning, Professional, Publications & Information and Science). Standing committees generally meet three or four times a year and mostly virtually. Occasionally, a Council member may be invited to join other committees or working groups. The typical time commitment is eight to ten days annually for Council Members who do not hold an Officer role.

Details of the nomination process and the nomination form can be downloaded at
www.geolsoc.org.uk/councilelections or requested from secretary@geolsocorg.uk

Council members are voted for by the Fellowship through a preliminary ballot held in March 2024. The voting outcomes are formally approved at the Annual General Meeting on 12 June 2024.

Please submit your nomination no later than 23:59 on Friday 12 January 2024.

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