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Schools Geology Challenge 2024

This March, the Education Team hosted the 2024 Schools Geology Challenge final

30 May 2024
Students sitting around a table at the 2024 Schools Geology Challenge

Students were tasked with identifying a suitable site for a wind farm near the fictional town of Quinnston

The Schools Geology Challenge is an annual competition for students aged 16 to 18. Students are given the chance to showcase their passion for geoscience and teamwork, as well as their presentation skills. The competition is open to students studying geology, geography, or science subjects. Schools enter the challenge through a qualifier round in which teams produce a piece of media for an online audience on any geoscience topic of their choice. The top ten teams are then invited to the grand final at Burlington House to complete a problem-solving activity based on real-world issues, presenting their findings to the competition judges.

This year, the students were tasked with identifying a suitable site for a wind farm near the fictional town of Quinnston. Using a geological map and a cross section of the bedrock, students had to consider whether the geology of the area was suitable to support large wind turbine infrastructure. Students also had to comment on the environmental and social impacts of their recommended wind farm location, given the general proximity to the local town and a neighbouring national park, home to a protected bird species – all while keeping their project in budget!

Students then presented their findings to our panel of judges. This year our Schools Geology Challenge judges Roni Savage, Antony Benham and Edith Brazier had expertise in geotechnical engineering, minerals and mining, and environmental engineering.

The 2024 Schools Geology Challenge winners were The Tiffin Girls’ School, who impressed the judges with their geoscience knowledge and teamwork, taking home our coveted amethyst trophy and £500 towards geoscience education at their school.

Runners up this year were Runshaw College and The Sixth Form College Farnborough, who each won £200 for their school.

Thank you again to all who took part and to our wonderful judges!

To find out more about the Schools Geology Challenge and how to enter in 2025, visit

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