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Geothermal resources

4 September 2023

Geothermal explainer

The decarbonisation of heating and cooling, electricity production, industry and transport is essential to meet both UK and international climate change targets, and as part of the drive towards net-zero carbon emissions. Geoscience has an important role to play in realising these goals.

As the national forum for the debate and development of cutting-edge Earth science, the Geological Society has a special responsibility to communicate this science and its importance to society, the government, the media, other scientific communities, and the public.

Read the Society’s policy and technology explainer ‘Decarbonising heat with geothermal energy’ at www.geolsoc.org.uk/geothermal 

Geothermal energy e-books

Two new e-books have been added to the Society’s library collection of e-resources, free to Fellows and Student Members, via your OpenAthens Account:

Geothermal energy: utilization, technology and financing

Potential of low-medium enthalpy geothermal energy: hybridization and application in industry

Geothermal glossary

In the geothermal sector, inconsistency and a lack of clarity surrounding the definition and use of geothermal terms across the published literature and in technical reports can cause confusion and prevent direct comparison between geothermal systems or locations, and impede project communication within organisations. 

Clean Air Task Force has now published a superhot rock glossary that aims to provide a globally standardised language for the geothermal sector. This glossary provides a foundation set of terms for geothermal systems, as well as some of the necessary components for a successful geothermal project, with terms grouped into sections in the sequence they impact on each other (rather than in alphabetical order). It is intended as a quick reference document for a range of geothermal stakeholders and is a living document that will be revisited as needed.

Access the glossary at www.catf.us/superhot-rock/glossary

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