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Earth’s canvas

30 May 2024
Braided river flowing into a glacial lagoon seen from directly above, Iceland

Abstract Earth: an aerial view of a braided river flowing into a glacial lagoon

Geologists are creative souls at heart. Our first steps as beginner geologists are often taken on field sketching, on sketches of fossils or thin sections, and on sheet after sheet of beautiful paper maps – and I think it’s rare to find a geologist who doesn’t bring creativity to bear in their daily work! Geology has long inspired creativity too, going back from the first uses of geological pigment as medium, through geology as a subject in arts, music, and poetry, all the way to contemporary and experimental works inspired by Earth.

With this in mind, lead convenor Lucy Williams initiated the Earth’s Canvas conference, an interdisciplinary symposium taking place on 17-18 September 2024 at the Geological Society, covering the intersection between geology and the literary, musical and visual arts (and anything else in the field of creativity). The response to an open call for submissions has been phenomenal, and we cannot wait to see the range of works, talks, films, performances, and workshops that have been proposed.

Poet Patrick Corbett, who organised the hugely successful Geopoetry symposium, will lead the poetry and literature theme, Guitarist Steve Garrett is convening music, song, and sound sessions as well as an evening of performance, and I, in my capacity as a fine artist, will coordinate a programme of artists’ talks as well as turning Burlington House into an exhibition space for the occasion. The team is rounded out by Peter Dolan, ably in charge of raising funds for the event and we are supported by Emelia Spofforth-Jones and Elisha McCowan from the Events Team. We look forward to welcoming you as a delegate.

Emma Theresa Jude

Geologist and Fine Artist, and member of the Convening Panel

Conference bursaries & sponsorship

Through the support of the Curry Fund of the Geologists’ Association, the conference is happy to offer a number of bursaries to cover travel and attendance; details of how to apply are on the conference webpage.

We are seeking sponsorship and patronage from individuals and organisations – if you have long considered yourself a patron of the geological arts, do get in touch via conference@geolsoc.org.uk.

Visit www.geolsoc.org.uk/09-Earths-Canvas for more information.

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