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Society means company

16 May 2022

Dear Editors,

I was more than usually delighted by the spring issue of Geoscientist, when I noticed that I was personally acquainted with several of this year’s Award winners. My delight was swiftly extinguished, however, by discovering that President’s Day, the Society’s annual gala event in June, has been downgraded to a virtual one, just as restrictions are lifting. President’s Day has always had to be subsidised; I fear that the opportunity to save money has proved too tempting, and that it will soon have gone the same way as good sausages after rationing was lifted. Meeting friends and colleagues face-to-face for work and pleasure is 90% of what any Society should be about. Society means company.

Dr Ted Nield

On behalf of the Society, the Editorial Team write in response:
Ted Nield is right to point out the significance of in-person meetings. Indeed, the community is the heart of our Society. Planning for President’s Day 2022 began many months ago, when pandemic-related restrictions in the UK and internationally were indefinite and advice from global governments was rapidly changing in the face of new variants. While borne from the need to reduce uncertainty, a virtual President’s Day is also more inclusive, allowing Fellows, medallists and awardees (as well as their families and colleagues) not just from across the UK, but from across the globe to participate in the celebrations.

We share Ted’s view that ‘Society means community’ and are pleased to now see the resumption of in-person events. However, given the additional benefits of virtual meetings, we will continue to offer hybrid options for many Society events going forward.

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