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28 February 2024

Dear Editors,

The excellent winter 2023 edition of the magazine (Geoscientist 33(4)) highlighted a 43% decline in geology students in UK universities since 2014 – a concerning trend given the growing need for geologists across sectors, particularly to support the energy transition. This left me convinced that there is more industry can do to support essential growth in the number of people studying geoscience and going on to pursue a geoscience career.

The Geoscience Degree Apprenticeship will be a great way to improve access to geoscience careers for many people. Let’s make sure schools and career advisors are aware of this. And let’s resolve to get into our local schools, colleges, or universities to tell children and young people how vital geoscience is to society and about the rewarding and fun careers we have!

Jessica T Smith

Senior Engineering Geologist at SSE Renewables

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