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Capturing young imaginations

1 March 2021

We should be doing more to ensure that geology is taught in schools

Dear Editors,

I am most concerned by recent articles citing the decline in the teaching of geology, its adverse impact on the profession which, in my view, is to the detriment of society. A geological degree gives one a wonderful start to a career. In my school, geology was not taught, but it seemed an obvious degree choice, given it combined the subjects I studied at A Level: physics, chemistry, botany and zoology. I went on to enjoy a career in civil engineering, not in geotechnics, but as a maritime civil engineer.

Geology as a subject has developed and continues to do so. It has much to contribute to our future, including tackling major issues like climate change and geohazards. The profession has always changed as it moved forward, not only for the few, but for the many. Indeed, the comment from the Editor’s desk in the October issue that “Geology has a way of capturing the imagination, whatever level of detailed understanding you reach” should be exploited to its full potential.

The profession must reach out beyond the known world of geology and be more proactive. Perhaps the slogan for universities should be ‘Kick Start your Career with a Geology Degree’, reinforcing the view that geology is a broad church.

Dr Roger Maddrell

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