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Unveiling GEON

The Geological Society’s Online Hub for Education and Outreach

28 February 2024
A group of students seated around a table

In a world driven by connectivity and collaboration, the Geological Society is excited to launch its new online network, Geoscience Education and Outreach Network (GEON)

GEON is a virtual space designed to unite individuals passionate about geoscience education and outreach. Completely free and open to all, GEON will connect professionals, educators, and enthusiasts from across the sector allowing them to share opportunities, seek and offer funding or support, and stay informed about the latest developments.

The Geological Society has long been committed to fostering a sense of community among geoscientists. GEON marks a significant departure from our traditional communication and networking approaches, offering an informal and interactive digital space where members can engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, and collaborate. On the platform, users can create a personalised profile highlighting their expertise, interests, and ideas, as well as showcase any ongoing activity. Content shared on GEON is organised into channels dedicated to specific topics ranging from a place to advertise upcoming outreach activities and events, to a home for all your best geology holiday pictures, or a place to get an answer to the question, “What is this rock?!” Whether you’re an educator seeking innovative classroom resources or a researcher looking for outreach opportunities, GEON will help you find like-minded collaborators or expand your professional network with just a few clicks.

The networking aspect of GEON goes beyond introductions. The platform includes discussion forums and interest groups, allowing members to delve into specific topics, share experiences, and pose questions to the community. Whether it’s the latest advancements in geological research, best practices in outreach, or updates on educational initiatives, everyone can find their community on GEON. The platform features a dedicated section for funding opportunities, where individuals and organisations can post calls for proposals, grants, and collaborative projects.

Education and outreach are integral to the Society’s mission, and GEON takes this commitment to the next level. The platform serves as an extensive repository of educational resources, ranging from lesson plans and teaching materials to interactive activities and virtual field trips. GEON members can showcase their work, share success stories, and contribute to the growing library of resources available to inspire the next generation of geoscientists. GEON is designed to showcase the latest and best projects, and aims to further the reach of geoscience far beyond the science community.

We made GEON to be more than just a network; it’s a home for the collective knowledge, passion, and expertise of the geoscience community. It has the potential to empower users to shape the future of geoscience education and outreach, one connection at a time. We invite everyone to join the conversation, connect on GEON, and contribute to the collaborative spirit of our community.

To join GEON, head to www.geolsoc.org.uk/GEON


The GEON logo

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