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Megalosaurus month

During February 2024, the Society will host an unusual visitor in the Upper Library at Burlington House

1 December 2023

Jaw of the Megalosaurus, print by Henry Perry after a drawing by Mary Morland (later Mary Buckland), 1824. Published in Buckland’s paper, “Notice on the Megalosaurus or great Fossil Lizard of Stonesfield”, Transactions of the Geological Society of London, 2nd series, vol 1 (1824), pp390-396. (Images: © The Geological Society of London)

A life-sized replica of a skeleton of a Megalosaurus will be the centrepiece of celebrations marking the 200th anniversary of the first scientific description of a dinosaur. The paper “Notice on the Megalosaurus or great Fossil Lizard of Stonesfield” by the Reverend William Buckland [1784–1856] was presented at a meeting of the Geological Society on 20 February 1824.

The Megalosaurus Month Festival will run from 12–29 February, and includes an ambitious programme of events including drawing classes, lectures, family activities and school visits.

For further information see: www.geolsoc.org.uk/megalosaurus

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