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Call for Nominations to Council 2023

1 September 2022

Dear Fellows,

Would you like to contribute to the Society’s work as a respected voice, serving science, the geoscience profession and society? Do you have the skills, fresh ideas and drive to help the Society push geoscience to the fore? 

The Society is committed to a diverse and inclusive Council, and has made great progress in this respect. Nonetheless, it is important for Council to reflect both the community it serves and the community it would like to grow, therefore I warmly encourage nominations from all areas of geoscience, and in particular under-represented groups, to ensure an inclusive, forward-facing Society.

I look forward to your nominations.

Ruth Allington, President

Council members play an important role in the delivery of the Society’s strategy to support and facilitate the communication of science through engagement with policy makers, the media and the public, and the certification of best practice in the profession. Council is comprised of 23 members who serve as the Society’s trustees and are accountable to the Fellows, other stakeholders and regulators, for example the Charity Commission. Trustees’ principal responsibility is to oversee the affairs of the Society and to ensure careful management of its financial resources.  

Council meets five times a year, usually on a Wednesday afternoon between 14:00 – 17:00. There is also a one-day strategy meeting, usually in late September, to discuss major strategic issues. Most meetings are held virtually, but some will be hybrid. 

In addition to Council meetings, members also serve on one Standing Committee (External Relations, Finance & Planning, Professional, Publications & Information, and Science). Standing committees ordinarily meet three or four times a year and generally virtually. The typical time commitment is eight to ten days annually for ordinary members. 

The nomination form and further details can be found at: www.geolsoc.org.uk/councilelections.

Please submit nominations by 23:59 on 11 January 2023 for the Fellowship’s preliminary ballot. New Council members are formally approved at the AGM in June.

Trustees of the Geological Society of London 2022–2023

  • Ms Ruth Allington (President)
  • Mrs Joanna Alexander
  • Prof Mark Allen
  • Prof Mark Anderson
  • Dr Anna Bird
  • Dr Natasha Dowey
  • Ms Hollie Fisher
  • Dr Neil Frewin
  • Dr Jennie Gilbert (Secretary, Science)
  • Dr Joel Gill (Secretary, Foreign and External Affairs)
  • Mr Martin Griffin
  • Prof James Griffiths (Secretary, Professional Matters)
  • Dr Michael Kehinde
  • Prof Daniel Le Heron
  • Mr Ben Lepley
  • Mr Peter Loader
  • Dr Keith Myers (Treasurer)
  • Dr Amanda Owen
  • Dr John Perry
  • Ms Gemma Sherwood (Vice President, Regional Groups)
  • Prof Robin Strachan (Secretary, Publications)
  • Miss Lucy Thomas
  • Mrs Lucy Williams


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