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Editor’s welcome

Words by Prof. Andy Fleet, Editor-in-Chief
28 February 2024

The Spring 2024 cover of Geoscientist

The last five years have seen changes on scales from the global to the personal. The world of Geoscientist has been no exception.

On the global scale the changes have involved those of a long duration, like economic woes and war, and the poorly known, notably global environmental change and COVID. Many changes are abrupt while others seem all too slow. Who knows if the recent UN Climate Change Conference, COP28, marks a real shift in the attitudes of governments, the governed and industry or just further marking time?

Alongside global and local changes, the ways we discover news, harvest information, and communicate ideas have continued to develop, often at an alarming pace. The pleasures of turning printed pages and eyeing rows of books or journals no longer exist for some – and for others may be only a fond memory.

The Geological Society has attempted to keep pace with change. For instance, by focusing its science strategy on the major concerns relevant to industry and the public. The repurposed Energy Group now embraces the full spectrum of the energy transition, other groups grapple with the challenges of environmental change, while some are motivated purely by scientific curiosity. The necessity to clearly operate in a fair and transparent manner, has also driven initiatives on equality, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.

In communicating with Fellows and broader communities, the Geological Society increasingly relies on web-based news distribution and social media. Some developments are innovative, others have been initiated by circumstances like the burgeoning adoption of virtual meetings.

Geoscientist, too, has endeavoured to keep pace with the changes in and outside the Society by providing a variety of content in informative, thought-provoking, and entertaining ways. Since spring 2021, with the introduction of the quarterly issues, the magazine has emphasised in-depth content in a quality format that, in part, complements the Society’s online news. As well as the physical magazine, Geoscientist has continued to develop its digital presence providing articles as they become available and exploring other ways of communicating, such as via our videos and podcasts, as resources allow.

Our key resources are our contributors, without whom there would not be a magazine, and our editorial advisory panel who provide the scientific review to ensure the magazine is authoritative. My sincere thanks go to you all. If you have an idea for a contribution, please get in touch to discuss it.

My term as Editor-in-Chief has almost run its course and I step down in the summer. If you are interested in the role, do take a look at the advert for the post. The job is enjoyable, varied and often eye-opening. It is far from arduous, largely involving working with and supporting Amy and Marissa in all the excellent work they do while keeping an eye on what Geoscientist offers overall.

Prof Andy Fleet, Editor-in-Chief

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