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Introducing Sedimentology

15 January 2024

Aimed at students, amateur enthusiasts, and professional geologists, Introducing Sedimentology provides a succinct and accessible introduction to the science of sedimentology. This is an incredibly well-constructed book, richly illustrated with excellent colour photographs and several well-formatted explanatory line diagrams. The book is a joy to read and is successful in meeting the needs of the target readership. There is some excellent communication of science and the book is readily comprehensible for both students new to the subject and those who are looking for a refresher for their professional or academic practice. 

The book deals with the fundamentals of sedimentology, right through to the complexities of sequence stratigraphy. What is particularly welcome is that there is an extensive glossary of the key terms, and each time a new technical term is introduced it is highlighted in the text. The effective formatting and explanations are particularly beneficial to those new to the subject area. I have used the book to introduce sedimentology to GCSE and 6th form students, who have commented very favourably on the readability and accessibility of the text. The line diagrams are very well drawn and reproduced at a scale that emphasises the illustrated point, enhancing the reader’s understanding. The photographs are fantastic and it is clear that the images have been carefully chosen to show readers geological exposures that best illustrate the principles and processes being discussed. 

I particularly found the chapter on sedimentary environments to be well constructed and have used this with students to help them develop their understanding of this area of sedimentology. Block diagrams and equally well-prepared graphic logs illustrate the key points very clearly. As such, this book deserves to be an addition to anyone’s bookshelf to allow them to either learn or remind themselves of this important area of geoscience. 

I cannot recommend Introducing Sedimentology highly enough. The book’s quality and standard are testament to the expertise of the author, together with the resourcefulness of the publisher in putting together the “Introducing…” series, which helps make what can be quite complex science accessible to the widest audience. I shall be getting a set for my classroom and know that students will benefit from the quality of the text. 

Reviewed by Gordon Neighbour 



BY: Stuart Jones (2023). Dunedin Academic Press. 125 pp. (pbk) 

ISBN: 978-1-78046-102-1 

PRICE: £16.00 www.dunedinacademicpress.co.uk