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Review of Society bye-laws

Council has approved a review of the bye-laws

16 May 2022

Fellows will be aware that the Geological Society has a long and illustrious history. It was founded in 1807 and in 1825 was granted its Royal Charter of Incorporation, with a supplemental charter granted in 2006. Today it is a registered charity and its instruments of governance include its Royal Charter, its bye-laws and its regulations.

The bye-laws are a key instrument of governance, setting out many of the rules under which the Society operates. The current bye-laws, though, are over 20 years old and in that period much has changed, both within the Society and in the external environment within which it operates.

Council has approved a review of the bye-laws aimed at ensuring that the Society’s key instrument of governance reflects modern organisational standards, and that we have the flexibility needed to operate in a rapidly evolving and unpredictable world. A working group has been formed and its initial work will be to propose revisions that will then be the subject
of a Fellowship consultation. This working group will be supported by an advisory group drawn more widely from the Fellowship.

The terms of reference and working group membership can be found at geolsoc.org.uk/About/Governance/Bye-laws/2022-Bye-laws-review. The current bye-laws can be found at geolsoc.org.uk/byelaws and Fellows’ comments on the review or the bye-laws themselves can be sent to byelaws.review@geolsoc.org.uk. If you wish to join the advisory group please contact this same address.

Jessica Smith, Council member, Vice-president Regional Groups, Chair of the bye-laws
working group

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