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Hydrogeological Group Awards

24 May 2023

(L to R) Melinda Lewis, Tim Atkinson, Sean Arnott and Rolf Farrell. (Image: Rachel Bell)

The Hydrogeological Group awards two different medals; the Whitaker Medal, in recognition of a lifetime of service to the groundwater community, and the Younger Medal (awarded in memory of Professor Paul Younger), for more specific, short-term contributions.

This year, two Whitaker Medals were awarded: Professor Tim Atkinson was recognised for a varied contribution to groundwater, including early work on dual porosity flow and transport and tracer testing in the Chalk; while Melinda Lewis was recognised for her dedication to UK hydrogeology, including the production of the ‘Physical Properties’ manuals for the UK aquifers. The (inaugural) Younger Medal was awarded to Dr Sean Arnott for his work on natural flood management and nature-based solutions. Rolf Farrell, Hydrogeological Group Chair

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