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Geoscience tech start-up receives King’s Award for Enterprise Innovation

The Oxfordshire-based micro tech-startup, Infoscience Technologies, has received the King’s Award for Enterprise Innovation, for innovation in Natural Language Processing in the geosciences

11 May 2023

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

The King’s Award was conferred by His Majesty King Charles III to Infoscience Technologies for outstanding achievement in innovation, after recommendation by the Prime Minister. The award is the most prestigious for a UK business, and representatives will attend a reception at Buckingham Palace later this year.

Infoscience Technologies’ patented Artificial Intelligence algorithms use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to intelligently machine-read text within reports, enabling companies to automate work tasks such as data extraction, summarisation, and classification, to support information management and compliance. The algorithms also enable the detection of new geoscience knowledge through trends, anomalies, and meaningful insights to support ideation.

The algorithms target the geo-resource energy transition sector, including mining (such as copper and lithium), oil and gas (such as exploration), drilling and completions, carbon capture and storage, hydrogeology and renewables (such as hydrogen and geothermal).

The algorithms exploit the latest deep learning Language Models, of the type used by ChatGPT, custom-built ensemble machine learning models and the largest Knowledge Representations of their type in the industry. This is underpinned by extensive published information science research and patented NLP methods.

For more information see: www.infosciencetechnologies.com

Dr Paul H Cleverley

Founder, Infoscience Technologies Limited

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