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Geological Society Awards and Fund Winners

We offer utmost congratulations to our 2024 Award and Fund recipients:

14 June 2024

The following people have been named as Awards and Fund winners this year:

Wollaston Medal

Prof Trond Helge Torsvik, University of Oslo

Lyell Medal

Prof Lynne Frostick CBE, University of Hull

Murchison Medal

Prof David Pyle, University of Oxford

William Smith Medal

Dr Jacqueline Skipper, Geotechnical Consulting Group LLP

Sue Tyler Friedman Medal

Dr Martina Kolbl-Ebert, Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich

Dewey Medal

Prof Rob Strachan, University of Portsmouth

Coke Medal

Prof Iain Stewart, Royal Scientific Society, Jordan

Distinguished Service Award

Jennifer Brzozowksa, Oil and Gas Authority (Retired)

R H Worth Award

Prof John Howell, University of Aberdeen

Bigsby Medal

Prof Daniela Schmidt, University of Bristol

Wollaston Fund

Dr Jennifer Jenkins, Durham University

Lyell Fund

Dr Leonardo Muniz Pichel, University of Bergen

Murchison Fund

Dr Lara Mani, University of Cambridge

William Smith Fund

Dr Luke Wedmore, Verisk Extreme Event Solutions

President’s Award

Princess Aira Buma, University of Cambridge

President’s Award

Monica Alejandra Gomez Correa, Universitat Hamburg and GeoLatinas


Awards 2025: Invitation to nominate

Fellows of the Society are invited to submit nominations for the Society’s Awards and Funds 2025. We warmly encourage nominations representative of all demographics, and in particular nominations for our Early Career Funds to recognise outstanding contributions by early career scientists.

For more information, visit www.geolsoc.org.uk/About/Awards-Grants-and-Bursaries/Society-Awards. Please contact secretary@geolsoc.org.uk with any queries.

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