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Fellowship categories and benefits review project

An in-depth review of the current fellowship categories,fee structure, and membership benefits is underway, writes Richard Hughes,Executive Secretary

1 March 2021

The Society aims to attract and retain more members

Our current, largely age-based structure is complex compared to otherlearned societies/professional bodies, and seen by some as divisive and discriminatory. The Society needs asimpler, more appealingstructurethat enables it to more successfully attract and retain members from all parts of our community, especially underrepresented groups. Any new structure will need to be broadly cost-neutral so as not to adversely impact the Society’soverall financial position, and its important policy, outreach, education, communications and advocacy work on behalf of the profession. Any new proposed fellowship categories,fees, and membership benefits will need the approval of the Society’s Professional & Chartership and Finance & Planning Committees before being considered by our governing Councilin April 2021. Under the Society’s bye-laws, anyproposals to change feesmustalso be approved at our Annual General Meeting, scheduled for late June 2021. Any changes will therefore not come into effect until the 2022 renewal cycle, which will start in the autumn of 2021. Fellows’ views were sought in an online survey published in December 2020, and I am very grateful to those who took the time to respond. Further information will be made available before the Annual General Meeting.

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