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Are you interested in geological time?

30 May 2024
Fluvio-deltaic strata of Carboniferous age at Howick Bay, Northumberland, UK

Fluvio-deltaic strata of Carboniferous age at Howick Bay, Northumberland, UK

If so, you are invited to apply for election to the Stratigraphy Commission of the Geological Society.

The Stratigraphy Commission is an active group who, in addition to representing the UK stratigraphical community, regularly publishes books and papers (such as a recent book on stratigraphical techniques; www.geolsoc.org.uk/GIP001). Our members are drawn from industry, academia, and the public sector.

The Commission provides a great opportunity to work with fellow geologists, network, add a national committee to your portfolio and develop new ideas. We meet about three times a year, mostly online, and occasionally face-to-face. Between meetings, activities include preparing materials for publications, liaison with other stratigraphical bodies, and maintenance of the website. We have also recently initiated a project on public understanding and outreach.

We are seeking a diversity of applicants.

Preferred attributes:

  • Have worked on/are working on an aspect of UK stratigraphy and/or have particular stratigraphical expertise or interests not currently covered by the group.
  • Willingness to be active and get involved.
  • New ideas to ensure that stratigraphy and the geological timescale, which underpins all aspects of geology, both advances and is clearly communicated.

To express an interest, please contact Angela.Coe@open.ac.uk providing either a link to an informative personal website and/or a 200-word statement.

For more information, please visit: www.geolsoc.org.uk/Groups-and-Networks/Commissions/Stratigraphy-Commission

Angela L. Coe

Chair of the Stratigraphy Commission

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